Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Thing We're Waterproof

Because I think I was wet pretty much all day yesterday. Decided to bike commute even though it was raining (because really, if I wasn't willing to ride in the rain then I wouldn't have been on my bike much this month), then got to the farm and *very gingerly* weeded for a couple of hours in the rain, then went to lunch with my dad in the rain (but fortunately it wasn't raining inside Frank's Roman Pizza, which has the best cheap lunch around). Then the sun came out for a few hours and I had a lovely ride home and Sam actually had a baseball game (couldn't believe the field held up - but it looked pretty good.) Then it started raining right after his game. That's a whole lot of water for one day. Fortunately our fields drain well (at least one of them does anyway), so I was able to get in and do a bunch of weeding this morning. Until it started to... rain. But all in all we're in good shape, unlike a farmer I talked to this afternoon who lives in Old Fort. She said they've had 8 inches of rain since Saturday. At that point you pretty much need to start building an ark.

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