Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dodged the Bullet

Looks like we dodged the frost bullet - everything was looking perky and happy by the time I got over there yesterday. So I cut a bunch of flowers, planted a few more, had a little communing time with the crazy terrier in the flower garden, and headed home. Pretty good day.

Total change of subject - here's my latest favorite gizmo. (well, not really, that would be an iphone, which I am having major envy issues over (and think how much better this blog would be! Pictures all the time!) but that's a gizmo who's time is coming in 11 months when my T Mobile contract is over, so back to our regularly scheduled program.) Ahem - my second favorite latest gizmo - is I think it does a bunch of different things, but my favorite part is the route mapper. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and map out a running or biking route and it'll tell you exactly how far your route is. So if you want to do a 6 mile loop you could do it on time if you have a good guesstimate of your pace, or you could decide you're too anal rententive for that and need to know exactly and then set out in your car tracking it on your odometer only to realize 5 1/2 miles into it that you needed to pick up more distance somewhere back around mile 2, and start all over, cursing this stupid process the whole way, and throwing in an extra tenth here and there for the places where the sidewalk looks like it's covering more distance than the road (seriously, some of those sidewalks take very wide turns.) Or you could just sit at your computer and map it all out ahead of time in a couple of minutes and then save all of those routes so that six months from now you aren't trying to remember exactly what street in Montford you're supposed to cut down for that one 4 mile loop. And that, my friends, is where Running Ahead comes in.

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