I'm a runner, mountain biker, uni geek, knitter, mom, and wife (not necessarily in that order.)  It turns out I kick ass at scoring Little League baseball, and enjoy making beautiful things.  I do more Pilates than my budget is comfortable with, but I'm pretty sure it's the fountain of youth.  I'm co-President of Asheville Women's Cycling Team (for which, strangely enough, I mainly do run races and triathlons.) We have a big poodle, a little terrier, and a cat that rules the world.  My family is currently trying to achieve world domination in bumper pool.  I know, I didn't know the game existed until recently either.  I'm currently working up the nerve to return to Master's Swimming - it's the 5:45 am starting time that scares me.  My 11 year old son does Pilates too - he's kind of convinced I'm crazy, but kind of thinks it's fun.  The other participants at the studio treat him like a unicorn in their midst. I've got more jewelry ideas than I know what to do with.  I like knitting big, complex things, but I actually have time to knit socks.