Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Market Day, and Trial Run of the Wetsuit

Was a happy market day today - happy as in, I'm happy so many people like to come shop at the City Market! It was a mob scene - all of my flowers (of which there are not yet as many as I would like) were gone by 10:00. And the market's open until 1:00, so you can see that there was quite a bit of lost sales opportunity there. But we sold about a zillion tomato plants, a bunch of other starts, some seeds and a bunch of crafts...

we sold vegetable baby rattles, and ...

and a few pairs of booties, among other things.

So a good day, and I left Clark alone for a couple of hours of it. Because for the first time this year I actually made it to a... Tee Ball Game! Cutest sporting event ever. I'm pretty sure the other parents were beginning to think Sam had divorced parents that split custody of him, because Clark and I never showed up at the games together, and I'm usually the one who takes him to practice. And I guess we still didn't show up at the game together, since this time Clark held down the fort at market, but since I was trying to finish up a knitted dog (like this one) while Sam was playing, it sparked some conversation and they at least figured why I'm not at all of the games.

After market we headed back to the farm, and I was dying to try out my new wetsuit (like this one, except larger and with less beefcake in it.)

So I squirmed myself into it (no easy feat) and launched into the lake. And it turns out everything I've heard is true: (a) wetsuits can mask a lot of swimming issues, since the bottom half of your body just floats along behind you - major thumbs up, and (b) practicing swimming in open water is a good thing (less freaky this time - last time I got in, took a few strokes in the mucky water, and yelled back to shore "If anything shows up through these goggles I'm going to lose my sh!t!!!!!" This time didn't feel quite as much like a snapping turtle, a snake, or the loch ness monster was about to pop up in my field of vision.)

So I did a little swimming, we rounded up Sam, who was about knee deep in mud at the edge of the lake, and we headed home with lofty ideas putting in a bunch of plants in our yard (plants that have been living on the bench on our patio for way too long.) In fact I smugly marveled to Clark that market days just don't seem as tiring this year as they did last year. And then it hit me and I drug myself into the house and have barely managed to stay upright while typing this. Clark (the show off) is out planting flowers.

One last funny note about market mornings - we had to drag Sam along with us at 5:30 this morning because my mom wasn't feeling like hosting a sleepover last night, and as Clark carried him downstairs Sam yells "I don't know how you guys live like this!" Drama king.

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