Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Once Again Trying to Work Up Some Nerve

But this time it's the nerve to get over to the farm and see what sort of frost damage I've got. Just talked to my dad and he said there was frost on the house, frost in patches on the grass, but he thought the plants in the ground looked ok. He wasn't sure, but that's what he thought. And now he's off to play golf and I get to go stare at them myself and see what they look like as the day progresses. He did say some of the big sunflowers are looking wet and droopy, though, and that doesn't sound too promising to me. Eek. Will report back.

In totally unrelated (and therefore distracting from my frost issues) news, I ordered a wetsuit yesterday. I'm hoping it makes me look like catwoman. I'm thinking reality may be a big disappointment. Why am I ordering a wetsuit? Because apparently otherwise I'm going to freeze my ass off when it's time to start the tri club swims at Lake Logan in June. And also they are quite helpful to the not-so-brilliant-swimmers such as myself. Bouyancy and all that. Looking forward to getting it. Seems like a rather unlikely thing for me to own, and therefore most intriguing.

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