Friday, July 16, 2010

The Prodigal Returns

I was just talking to a friend, who said she was reading the blog, and I was all "Wait, I have a blog???" Oh yeah, right, I have a blog! So, here are the last two months in pictures, in no particular order, and then we'll return to our regularly scheduled program in which I actually write on this thing.

Look - I started really making jewelry!

And then I kept making jewelry - here are rings:

I then started selling it. Really, one girl can't wear that much jewelry.

We had a blast at Art in the Park and Big Crafty - made a bunch of lanterns for those two.

My mum was in her first 5K ever (how cool is that??) - and Sam was quite the cheerleader.

Sam turned 8, and had a birthday camp out with two of his friends. (Note to self: next time maybe my dad shouldn't be solely in charge of how big the camp fire gets.)

Sam played All-Stars at the end of the Little League season. He was thrilled. Turns out we practiced or had a game EVERY DAY for two and a half weeks. While quite happy for him, we were slightly less than thrilled.

I got a new bike! I love him! His name is Flash! (or Precious, but he gets embarrassed if I call him that in public.)

Robin and I took Flash and her un-named steed for a ride in Pisgah, where we stumbled upon this amazing waterfall in the middle of nowhere.

Robin and I at the end of said ride, looking happy.

We went to the beach!! And my boys built their usual giant sand sculpture. This was some kind of deathworm, according to Sam. And he named it Sheldon.

Family at the beach. Best time ever.

So there you have it - two months encapsulated in 10 minutes. Rock on.