Monday, May 18, 2009

Trying to Work Up the Nerve

to get on my bike and head over to the farm. It's just that I've gotten soft. Weak. All of these 80 degree days with 65 degree mornings have spoiled me. And now 50 degrees seems awfully cold. I'm about to suck it up and put on another layer and head out the door, but then it hit me that it's crucial I start updating my blog more often. Starting right now. It'll probably warm up another 10 degrees in the 15 minutes it takes me to do this.

And judging by this odd weather it's maybe a good thing I still don't have all of my plant starts in the ground. Because it's looking like it might frost tonight. Which is totally crazy, and will devastate a lot of farmers out there if it's true. I'm not toooo worried, because most of the plants I have in the ground are at the top of a big hill and likely to be ok if it's borderline frost (what with cool air falling to the lowest spot and all that), but the plot that I'm getting ready to plant in is at the bottom of that big hill, kind of nestled in a little valley where all of the cool air likes to hang out. So that plot will not be getting any plants for the next day or two, and in fact all of the plants that are still in flats are going inside tonight. Rather unusual for this time of year, but I'm looking at it as an opportunity to work on candles and knitting today.

Had a beautiful day for market on Saturday - not a ton of people there (I think maybe some of the regulars were at the Montford Arts Festival, which is indeed a rather good time), but fun all the same. And berries are starting to come in - we, along with some others, had strawberries in, which is always such a delightful sign of good things to come. And it looked like more produce is starting to trickle in.

After market Clark and I went running together (because young master Sam was spending the night with this grandmother), and it was lovely if a little sluggish. Turns out standing around market for several hours isn't the best way to energize your legs, but it still feels like a sneaky little victory to get out and move around on a Saturday - I usually write those off once market starts. And speaking of sneaky activity, I went to a beginner yoga class Friday morning on my way to the farm to get ready for market. A beginner class because I'm slowly dipping my toes (and gimpy achilles) back into the yoga water. And this time I'm trying to be better about not doing anything stupid, which means going to a class. I swear you should have to have a permit to do yoga at home, and I should never be granted the permit. I don't seem to possess the necessary moderation gene, and instead act all crazy. Such as the downward dog splits that I was convinced were helping the plantar fasciitis (and I really think they were) so I just kept doing them until I had a gimpy achilles. Really, how smart do you have to be not to do that?? Apparently smarter than me, hence the class. It was way fun, though, and I was sore in all sorts of places that I haven't been sore in a long time (my posterior, for example), so I'm guessing it was a timely endeavor.

Uh oh, the sun's really out there now. No more excuses, time to grab Pippi and head off.

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