Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Summer O' Fun

School's back in session, which is always about the time of year I remember I'm an adult and have things to do.  You know, things that don't involve playing with Sam.  Because for the summer, I pretty much just play with Sam.  Particularly this summer - he's 12, and sometime around mid May it hit me that the summers when he thinks it's fun to hang with his mom may be limited.  That meant that for the past few months, no matter what the question was, the answer was yes.  "Do you want to play tennis?" yes.  "Do you want to go run in the woods?"  yes.  "Do you want to watch me do baseball drills?" yes.  "Do you want to learn to play Call of Duty with me?"  yes.  (full disclosure - that one started as "do you want to learn to play Madden?"  and I tried a yes, but it turned out that game sucked.  So I moved on to throwing C4 and firing fake artillery, and created my own Call of Duty avatar (named Beastly), and discovered that I'm way more Call of Duty than Madden.)  So with all of those yeses, this was very high on my all-time list of favorite summers.  Maybe my favorite one ever.

Photographic proof of the summer of fun:

But all good things eventually transition a bit, and school started, and I'm back in adult land.  Well, sort of, since I still tend to have a lot of the aforementioned fun.  But it also includes making jewelry, which is also high on my list of fun things.

I made quite a bit of jewelry over the summer, I just didn't actually do anything about letting anyone else *know* I was making new jewelry.  Until now, when I listed the new rings on Etsy.

I wore these all summer, and people would ask where to get them and I would say "ummmm….."  So it feels a little less loserish to now have a real answer.  "In my Etsy shop."