Monday, December 30, 2013

When Bad Ideas Are Good

Santa brought Clark some fishing gear for Christmas.   So of course he wanted to try it out asap.  And so on Saturday, when it was 37 degrees, we decided to head up to the headwaters above Lake Logan to try it out.  At first blush I wasn't so sure this was a great idea.  After all, even though the water isn't deep up there, its COLD in the best of circumstances - this is trout water.  But what the hell, it was Christmas break after all, when all ideas are considered, and even the not-so-great ones get some follow through.

The thing is, it's really pretty near Lake Logan - I've been up there a fair bit for triathlons, both actual races and when the tri club does open water swims there every Wednesday during the summer - so I figured worst case at least we would freeze our asses off under lovely conditions.  And in fact when we got there the creek was lovely indeed.

I'm probably giving the wrong impression here - in that I don't fish.  I've tried, and it's just not my thing.  So instead on our way out of town I got an XL peppermint mocha in a thermos, and sat on the bank drinking coffee and taking pictures.  Which turned out to be completely satisfying.  The boys were having a great time, I had on 48 layers of clothes so I was plenty warm with my coffee and entertained with my camera, and it was actually surprisingly fun.

And then things took a turn for the truly entertaining.  Clark had to wade out into the middle of the creek, and for a second there it looked like he was definitely going to take a bath.

He bobs.

And he weaves.  But miraculously he manages to stay on his feet.  But his boots do not manage to stay above water.  In fact the boots completely fill with totally frigid creek water.

And when the boots fill with 40 degree water, the party is pretty much over.

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