Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My One True Love

 I totally stopped and asked some very nice, unsuspecting biker to take this picture.  I couldn't quite bring myself to tell her it was for a blog, so I told her it was for a friend.  It's not a total lie, we're friendly, right?

All this talk of the uni was making my one true love feel neglected.  Well, that and the fact that he's been hanging in the bathroom untouched for the last. . . month??  Eek, how did the holiday order crunch do that to us?  Never fear Flash, I still love you.

Look!  I'm actually wearing a full bike kit!  For the first time in weeks!

To prove my love, Flash and I headed out for a quick ride today.  You know it's 60 degrees in December when the parking lot at Bent Creek is full at 2:00 on a Tuesday.

Proof - 2:00 on a Tuesday and the parking lot's full.  Doesn't anybody work in this town?

The weather was dreamy.  The trails. . . not quite so much.  They've been frozen, so when you add 60 degrees to frozen trails you get that lovely trail condition known as grease.  Eeps.  So after trying one trail, Flash and I stuck mainly to the fire roads.  Still totally lovely.

Lake Powhatan.

The thing about Bent Creek is, the views are beautiful, but not cleared out enough to be conducive to pictures that would provide proof.  But if you'll just trust me, the mountains are lovely, and there's a tiny white speck in this picture that is actually The Biltmore House.  Fun.

So what'd I do with the rest of my day?  Mainly lots of this:

 Playing Santa and packing lots of orders.    And if you've had the kind of November and December that I've had, then this makes you very, very happy:

Yes!  More Priority Mail envelopes delivered from the post office!  My level of excitement over these reminded me that December is not exactly an average month.  But it's still a really fun one.

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