Friday, December 13, 2013

A Boy and His Dog

Meet Moose.  He's a poodle in the guise of stuffed animal.  He also is apparently invertebrate, based on the way he stretches out for a nap.  Like his spine is a slinky.

So the way it works in Spotted Dog Land is that after dinner I return to my lair (aka studio) and Clark and Moose stretch out downstairs on the sofa to watch a little television.  And in order to keep our marital bond strong, we occasionally text back and forth.  (I know!  You're blown away by the romance!)

Clark's favorite topic for the nightly check-in is the Sleeping Moose Selfie   You'll notice a certain pattern in Clark and Moose's night.

After a while I commented on how serious they both are.  So the next few nights Clark added some enthusiasm to the project.  Makes all the difference.


  1. That's so awesome. I have a black lab named Moose. He likes to lay on me too, but when he does I can't move to take selfies or breath.

    1. Maggs - I LOVE your Moose! And he looks like has the same joie de vivre as my Moose. :)