Saturday, October 1, 2011


I just got back from a trip to Ten Thousand Villages, and I'm happy to report - success!  And here it is:

So now you're thinking - what does this slightly strange looking zebra print bracelet have to do with success?  Well - it's big.  By which I mean it's big around.  Because, my bangles are the standard size that one can get most anywhere in America.  I know, because I've compared them.  But  - a lot of women can't wear that standard size.  It's a little on the snug side.  So I've been trying to figure out where to find a slightly larger bangle so I could make a mold out of it.  [And if you're wondering how that works - look here, my treatise on figuring out how to make molds.]

And finally I had one of those eureka! moments.  Ten Thousand Villages is all hand made from artisans in little villages.  So I figured they wouldn't be making things the standard size - they probably wouldn't even know anything about the standard size.  And I was right!  All sorts of things to choose from.  And this zebra bangle fit the bill.

So - look out world, I'm breaking out the silicone.  And shortly thereafter, the bangles are coming in two sizes.  World domination of botanical resin bangles must be just around the corner.

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