Monday, October 3, 2011

Not the Shoes

So - it's actually not about the shoes.  Unfortunately.  As you might recall, I was hopeful some new running shoes would clear things right up with my foot.  But - as is often the case - my foot has other ideas.  I tried Nike Frees, and Saucony Kinvarras, and New Balance Minimuses (Minimusi?), and the foot is not having it.  (Fortunately all of the shoes can go back, so I'm not out a chunk of money to figure this out.)

To date, I've also tried:  chiropractic, acupuncture, ART, massage, taping, icing, and anti-inflammatories.  I also currently have appointments pending with a rolfer and a physical therapist who specializes in runners.  Let it never be said I leave a stone unturned!  Of course the one thing I haven't actually tried is a lot of rest.  It's such a bummer.  But - as I walked home through Montford today on my aching foot, I came to terms with the fact that it's probably time to get back on the bike for a while and let the foot have a break.  And also probably time to stop trying new iterations of shoe, tape, no tape, orthotic, no orthotic, etc.  And just leave the dang thing alone.  I'm pretty sure that's what it has decided is its heart's desire.

So, so as not to fall into the injury doldrums, today I was on the Swank website seeing if the race was full yet.  True, I have barely ridden my mountain bike since 6 Hours of Warrior Creek in April, but I still have a month to get ready!  Don't worry, I'm not that crazy.  Yet.


  1. Had a crazy, vivid dream about you and my mom last week. You have been on my mind so I thought I'd say hi. I'm am no longer in the land of FB so send me your email sometime.
    Last time I checked you have to use your feet to ride a bike. Just saying.

  2. That message wasn't meant to be a mystery. It's Sarah T. Clearly, I don't know what I'm doing.

  3. Sarah T!!!!!! So happy to hear from you! The strange thing is that I was thinking about your mom a fair bit in the last few weeks - I was making more effort than usual in the home efficiency department, and my standards usually revolve around WWSMD? (What would Sarah's mom do??) :) I loved your mom, she actually crops up in my thoughts more often than you'd think. Hope you and the family are doing well. Here's my email: sumner at spotted dog farm dot net (or com - they both come to me.) Would love to hear from you/see you - any chance you keep a blog?