Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I find myself curiously unable to accomplish much of anything business -wise here lately. I think it's the relief of getting through the holiday season - I take a big exhale and flake out for a little while. And while that's no doubt an appropriate response to making it through December, I'm beginning to get a little concerned about how long my little stasis period is lasting. Every morning I get up and think "ok, today I've got these 8 things to get done today." And then that night I think, no big deal, I'll just get to those 8, plus these 2 new ones, tomorrow." So by now, after a few weeks of this system, my list is loooong. I'm afraid to count.

I think I'm just the kind of person that is good with a deadline - if a wholesale customer called today placing an order I'd suddenly be jet propelled and that order, and everything else, would suddenly be clipping along at lightening speed. But so far nothing has jump-started me. Well, I have had a few orders, and brief periods of activity (which explains the new website), but then my January phase reasserted itself. Although that may be about to change, since the sales tax deadline is Friday, the deadlines to apply to a bunch of outdoor festivals are fast approaching, and I've got a list of potential wholesale customers I need to call. I'm about to emerge from the cocoon, I can feel it. It's just not visible to the naked eye yet.

And how have I been filling my time since I haven't been doing anything business-ish? Well, last week I had a 12 1/2 hour training week, which I think is a record for me. And here's the weird thing - I always take one day off per week, and I'm also generally nursing some sort of ache or pain, but weekend before last the weather was so nice that I just kept riding my bike, then somehow on this past Sunday I realized it was my 16th training day in a row, and while I was definitely sort of tired, I was also pretty much ache and pain free. Maybe I'm on to something. As with most things in life, I guess consistency does pay off.

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