Monday, January 11, 2010

My Arch Nemesis

Had a date with the arch nemesis today. And here it is - in all its evil glory:

In my ongoing quest to be less of a dumbass, I decided I would not ride the trainer again today, since I rode it yesterday and the achilles was pretty ok but still slightly sore. So. . . with great trepidation I headed to the Y and the elliptical machine. But actually it wasn't all that bad. I made it through an hour, with a break in the middle to do some ab work and observe the Y's 30 minute limit on cardio machines. The project was greatly aided by my ipod, which I generally don't run with (it's either a crutch for the weak or a really great way to pass the time, and my opinion of this changes periodically). But I figure who cares if I depend on a crutch for the elliptical - I'm hardly going to start racing the thing. (Although for the purposes of full disclosure, when I'm bored on the elliptical it's possible I start glancing at my neighbors to see what speed they're at, and to confirm that I am in fact going faster.)

In other news, today was pickup for Veg-in-Out, also known as Human Kibble. You know what I mean - it's healthy, it's already prepared, it's not necessarily the most exciting food out there (although with the new chef it's gotten much better) - it's Human Kibble. We've been eating it for over a year now and I'm still a fan. In other words, I'll do most anything to avoid having to cook a real meal every night. It's just so time consuming - whine, whine, whine.

Wax is heating upstairs - probably I should actually get back to it before the cat decides to investigate the contents of the cooker, or some other catastrophe involving melted wax occurs.

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