Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cramming Down the Food

yep, that's right, I'm spending this morning trying to cram down some food. A lot of food. Because it turns out that if you get up and go engage in masochistic torture [I mean swim with the Masters group] at ungodly hours of the morning, and then try to go work at the farm, and you don't consume a LOT of calories somewhere in the middle of there then you crash. Who ever thought you could bonk while using a hoe? Not me. But then I did, so it turns out I need more food in the morning. Here's the tricky part - not so much more food over all (there's still a suspicious looking blobby spot post ribs/pre hipbones that could remove itself, thankyouverymuch), just more food in the morning. So this morning's routine has been Gu blocks on the way to swim (because I just can't eat real food before swimming at 5:30 in the morning), a Luna bar as I drove home, an egg sandwich right after I got home, and a bowl of cereal as I'm typing. Seriously, and it'sonly 8:31 in the morning. Surely to god that will do the trick.

In other exercise related news, I can check Elk Mountain off the list! You know, that list of things you'd like to accomplish but that kind of scare you sh!tless. Well biking up Elk Mountain Scenic Highway to the Parkway was on that list for me. And then Robin asked if I wanted to go biking on Tuesday [yes! yes! am getting a little tired of entertaining myself while biking!], and then said "why don't we ride up Elk Mountain and then see where we want to go from there?" and since I'm desperate for someone to ride with, and also don't want to sound like a wimp (or actually be one for that matter), I say "sure, sounds great, see you at 5:00". And then I hang up the phone and say "Oh Clark, wait'll you hear what I've gotten myself into." But you know what - it was fine. Dare I say, actually fun. Turns out good company will distract you from a multitude of painful moments. And, my game is still intact - the game where I try to avoid shifting my bike into the smallest chainring. I'm not sure this is a smart game, but it's one that's still entertaining me.


  1. "Who ever thought you could bonk while using a hoe?"

    HAHAHAHA!!! [immature, middle-schoolish laughter]

    I thought hos were good for bonking? ;)

  2. I admit I giggled a little too. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Geeky book types.