Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wedding Flowers

So I've gotten a few requests for weddings since I started selling flowers, and I've always been kind of reluctant to follow through. The very idea of getting embroiled in a wedding has seemed a bit. .. stressful. Because some brides (and grooms) are super mellow and happy and fun, and some are. . . not. So I had steered clear of it, but this year I decided to dip my toe in, and so far it's been a rousing success. I sold flowers to an incredibly nice fellow named Zach a few weeks ago for his wedding in Celo (and as an aside, it really has to be a good start to your wedding when the groom cares enough to drive all creation buying flowers.) And I have a customer who's getting married on July 4 that I'm providing flowers for. And she seems super cool and relaxed, so I'm feeling like if I screen customers carefully, this wedding thing may work out. :)

Speaking of wedding flowers, here's a bucket we put together last weekend for a picture for my soon-to-be-created Spotted Dog facebook page.

I really do love a big bucket of flowers. You'd have to be the grinch not to.

And speaking of wedding flowers, and great timing, I checked my mail on Monday, and look what was waiting for me like a big delicious surprise:

A copy of this book! It was written by a friend, Mardee Morris, who has a wonderful floral design studio in Florida called Blooming Branches. Mardee's sister Carson and I went to college together, so after Mardee's book came out Carson mailed me a copy. And it's *beautiful*, and clever, and filled with good ideas. So anyone who's getting married and likes flowers really might want to pick up a copy (you can find it at her website:

And one last tale of wedding flowers - here's how I ended up with mine. It was 12 years ago, and I wasn't so invested in flowers at the time, seeing as I was studying 12 hours a day for the Bar Exam. So we met with a florist, I made a few vague suggestions (I think something along the lines of "I like bright colors"), she suggested something and I agreed and forgot all about it. So the week before our wedding is the week that FedEx goes on strike (seriously, who knew?), and she calls on Thursday with a slight edge of panic in her voice to say that, thanks to the strike, our flowers appear to be stuck on a dock somewhere rotting away, and would I mind if she substituted some others? I say no, of course not, since in truth I couldn't even remember what we had agreed on to start with. She arrives with the bouquets, and they were absolutely beautiful - lots of bright colors. Sometimes going along with the flow of things really works.


  1. Ooo, your bucket of flowers is beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of your wedding arrangements.

    (Also, might I add you are one seriously brave chica for venturing into the wedding business? Congratulations!!)

  2. WOW.!! I too love your big bucket of flowers. Excited to see the pics of wedding arrangements.