Sunday, July 12, 2009

100 Pushups

No, I can't do 100 pushups - don't let the title fool you. But while lazing about in Folly Beach last week (best beach trip ever! pictures to follow!) I was browsing through this entertainingly and unabashedly neo-feminist magazine (is neo-feminist a word? It should be - that's what this magazine felt like it was going for) called Skirt. And while in general it wasn't a hotbed of good exercise advice (although it was all about hearing oneself roar, and I suppose that can also be applied to things physical), I came across this teaser for a website that trains you to do 100 pushups. And I've been doing 10 after I run, and that still feels embarassingly challenging, so I thought eureka! If you purport to have some foolproof method for training anyone to do 100 pushups, sign me up! So today I started, and it wasn't that hard. It's like an interval sort of thing, where they give you a set number to do in five sets, and you do them three times a week. (That's not a good explanation, but go to the website and it makes sense.) So I'll report back, because today I started, and by the end I had done 30 pushups without feeling like I was going to bust anything (taking the full amount of rest they recommend is key.) Hopefully this is the beginning of me doing 100 pushups. Will report back. Hear me roar.

1 comment:

  1. Sumner . . . you are my hero.

    (Heroine? But that always makes me think heroin.)

    I KNOW you'll get to 100!