Monday, June 8, 2009

Farm Pics

For your viewing pleasure, a few pictures of the farm:

The pond - site of the Spotted Dog Farm open water swim practice (this means me swimming laps in a wetsuit while Clark and Sam splash around offering commentary.)

One of the pastures at the barn - and inside the electric fence you can sort of see is a flower garden. It's a good spot because it's got unobstructed sun (good for early flowers especially), and it drains well - not so good in last year's drought, excellent in this year's rain. The electric fence is to keep Finn Duncan, sometime event horse and all-around pest, from taking up gardening.

The outbuilding now dubbed "the flower building" - so as to separate it from the three other outbuildings on my dad's property. The man likes his buildings. This is where I hang all of my flowers for drying, and where I make all of the wreaths. There's a porch on the front of it with a great view out over the pasture - making it the most amazing office ever when I'm making wreaths in September. Long about December, though, I move the wreath making inside the building, and I'm still freezing my ass off. The flower building, you see, is uninsulated, and in fact not even sealed up at the eaves. Portable heaters only go so far.

The newest residents of Spotted Dog Farm. This is like a game of Where's Waldo. If you look way up on top of the dog/goat house, hidden under the trees you will see a tiny little goat. His name is Max. Or maybe Charlie. It's hard to say. Because last week my dad decided to get some goats to keep this area eaten down, and we decided to get at least a couple of pygmies so that the kids could play with them. But unfortunately he didn't actually inquire as to their temperaments when he called the guy selling them. So he came back with two goats that are wild as proverbial rabbits. If you approach them, they take off like they have been shot out of a gun. So the next goats (it's going to take more than two pygmies to keep this eaten down) are going to be screened for friendliness. I don't care what color, what gender, what size - just friendly!

A closer picture of Max and Charlie. I employed all of my stealth skills and snuck within range of my camera's zoom lens. They were not amused.

And last but not least, my sister's dog - the most charming boy around. That's a 4 foot fence he's standing behind - he's a rather large dog. Max (the smallest of the wild goats) is about as big as this dog's head. No lie.

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