Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sick Baby Wombat

So the Baby Wombat (aka Sam) is home sick today. Although frankly I think he feels just fine now, so it's more of an at-home-vacation-day for the two of us. But last night - that was another story. I trot off to swim practice and leave the boys to do bedtime - no big deal, Clark's usually in charge of bedtime. But apparently shortly after I left, the sh!t hit the fan. Terrible stomach bug had taken over (which is weird, because Sam *never* gets sick.) Poor Clark had to deal with the whole thing by himself - which was mainly terrible not just because it was a mess, but mainly because it's kind of scary to have a sick little kid by yourself. Especially one that never gets sick - we're masters at dealing with croup - Sam's achilles heel - but not so much anything else. But by the time I got home all of the drama was over and Sam was asleep. As he remained all night - hallelujah! - and now he's chipper as can be.

But speaking of last night - about the time Clark and Sam were in hell I was a little bit convinced I was too. Because swim practice is not supposed to be a suffer fest. At least, not as I think about it. The whole idea of joining the tri swim practice was to pick up some real-live swim skills while I was mainly running. Not so much to do anaerobic intervals in the pool. (I don't even think I realized you could do anaerobic intervals in the pool.) But last night was a little bit of a suffer fest - and I can embrace the suffer when I know it's coming and I know what I'm doing, but it was a little bit of a shocker to be feeling like I was going to puke in a swimming pool. I've done quite enough of that on a track, thankyouverymuch.

Market starts in a week - woohoo! We're going to do a mock setup of everything this weekend - I'm trying to improve the craft display. And speaking of that display, we had been thinking a small set of shelves would be a good thing, and sure enough the universe sent us a set yesterday. Sure, they were filthy and sitting on the side of Holland Street and in need of a good coat of paint, but you can't be picky when the universe starts sending things (for example, the last thing it sent me was a stray cat when I really wanted one, so I can't complain that El Diablo is kind of gimpy and sometimes diabolical.) At any rate, I swear these shelves were just like The Secret in action (at least according to my very limited understanding of the concept) - I thought about shelves, I was sure shelves were in my future, and sure enough - shelves! Just like The Secret - without Oprah and all of the romantic angst.

I'm also working on another craft idea for market - I'm thinking it's a good one, but I've got to do a little R&D before I unveil it. Stay tuned.

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