Friday, April 24, 2009

Behold, the Candles Actually Exist

Here it is - proof that I'm not making up the candle story, and also proof that I did create something besides a big mess with all of the beeswax. They're still a little bit of a work in progress, but overall I'm pretty happy with the trend (as in, they started out cracked into big pieces, then went to slightly crazy looking, and have now progressed to a pretty close facsimile of what I'm trying to do.) I'm having fun figuring out what kinds of flowers and plants look good in them, and also getting the whole overdipping progress ironed out. And also figuring out what you can and can't accomplish with a heat gun (note to self, don't let the end come anywhere near the fingers. Got a couple of blisters today that will bear that one out.) But, and most importantly - the candles do exist!

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