Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to Destroy Your Kitchen (and make your husband wish he had maybe chosen someone else 17 years ago)

One word: Beeswax. Yep, it's ALL OVER my kitchen. And my husband is somewhat particular about our kitchen (thank God, since I clearly am not), so he's withholding judgment on this latest big idea of mine. Big idea in question: hand made candles with pressed flowers on them. I had a big moment of inspiration, and now I'm in the slog of the actual follow-through. I can hear you thinking, "Sumner, I didn't you knew anything about candles." And that's because I don't. Or didn't. I'm learning fast. I think I've made about every dumb mistake you can make with hand-pouring candles. Including glossing over where the book said not to plan on ever using your pots to cook in again if you use them to make a double-boiler for said beeswax. Fortunately our friend Leslie just got a fancy new induction stove - it's so fancy that it produces no heat when combined with any of her fancy (but not fancy enough) pots. So she's selling us pots on the cheap to replace the wax pots. Whew. Clark was starting to look faintly apoplectic, but the mention of Leslie's pots and the word cheap have him looking much more cheerful.

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