Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Boots!

Here's the latest craft project floating around Spotted Dog - hand embroidered baby booties made out of recycled sweaters. Yes, it's a little out there. But I saw this vintage pattern (from 1948 to be exact) and I was kind of captivated.

The exact pattern I saw didn't work quite the way I wanted - the booties were a little insubstantial looking and I was afraid they might not stay on when a determined little foot was trying to shed them.

So I tinkered with the pattern a bit and ended up with something a little more boot-like in its construction - I'm thinking even the most determined little kickers won't be able to get rid of these. Plus they're so darn cute I can barely stand it.

All of this is lead-up to say - we're getting excited for Market to start up again! It's our primary sales outlet, for both farm goods and crafts. I've toyed with selling crafts on etsy, but while I love etsy, and do have a store there, the labor involved in the photography can be a little overwhelming. (By which I mean, if you don't have good photography then things aren't really going to sell on etsy, but if you're not much of a photographer (and I'm not!), then taking the pictures can seem about as time consuming as actually making the goods. Which just seems kind of wrong. And not terribly efficient.) So - although I will sell things on etsy, it rarely rises to the top of my list. Instead I mainly sell everything at City Market (and this is a one-woman industry, so honestly it's not like I produce pallets of stuff). And then we also sell at some craft shows around the holidays. ANYWAY - enough digression - City Market starts up on April 18, and we're all kinds of excited. I'm stockpiling crafts, coming up with new ideas, and getting all of the plants started. Life is good.

In sickroom news - I'm tired of being sick! Ran a few miles on Friday, tried yesterday but wasn't feeling it, so decided to take Sat. & Sun. off of running and try again Monday. Grrrrr. Makes me cranky - just ask Clark. But am about to go do yoga - both for the cranky calf and my cranky self. Wish me luck.


  1. Oh these are adorable Sumner!! You are going to do so well with these -- what wonderful baby gifts they would make! The site looks great as do the budding plants - very exciting!

  2. I LOVE your new blog. So, so pretty!

    Those booties . . . oh, they just kill me. You have way too much talent for one person.

    And I hope you feel better soon. (For your sake and Clark's.)