Friday, February 27, 2009

A Few Farm Pics

A couple of farm pics - proof that signs of life are appearing! Here's the MacGyver greenhouse - note the rosemary and jade plants basking in the sun and waiting for some cohorts:

And here are the larkspur seedlings just starting to pop up outside - I've got one raised bed that I let the larkspur reseed in, and the fact that these little guys are coming up in spite of the dogs' affection for galloping through that bed is pretty much a miracle.

There are a couple of good new crafty things going on too - in the next few days I'll get some pictures up.

In running/sickroom news, I think the strep is being beaten back by the antibiotics - a classic struggle of good and evil. I'm going to try a couple of miles tonight and see what happens. And then Clark and I are having a *real date* (in other words, Sam's got a night with the grandparents and we're heading out for some Italian.) Woo-hoo!

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