Thursday, March 12, 2009

Charlottesville - Running Town USA??

We were in C'ville visiting family over the weekend, and I had the loveliest of runs. Our family lives close to campus, so I took a tour of the UVA athletic facilities - I managed to find the football stadium, the basketball facilities (both old and new), the soccer fields, the tennis courts, the aquatic complex, a few others I can't remember, and... the track. Which brings me to my big revelation of the run - I've never seen so many other people out running in my life. And Asheville's a pretty outdoorsy kind of town, but it's not even in the same league as Charlottesville. There were a bunch (like 5 or 6) different training groups that I passed - looked like they were training for marathons and first time races, and everything in between. And there were a ton of individuals (though most of them not college aged, strangely enough - perhaps 7:30 on a Saturday morning was too early for them), and then I ran by the track - and it was a mob scene. I'd be intimidated to even try to find a spot to work out on that track - there were people in the middle of speed work, people lounging in the outer lanes stetching and talking, people jogging around. Basically a whole lot of people in running shoes in Charlottesville, Virginia - it rocked.

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