Monday, March 23, 2009

All-Sports Weekend

Pretty great weekend around here - couldn't ask for better weather, so we spent a lot of time outside. It was sort of an all-sports weekend.

Saturday a.m. - went to the pool. I'm trying to get in a third swim of the week in addition to the tri practices - seems like it would help. I'm not too convinced you can get very fit doing anything if you only do it twice a week, so I'm trying to make the third swim happen. (Which begs the question, can you get fit doing something three times a week? I dunno, but my schedule's full up for more swimming right now.) So had a decent swim, and started figuring out how to do flip turns. Turns out they're not as mystical as they appear. Mine were definitely a bit whompsily-doosikly (like something out of Dr. Seuss), but nonetheless they were a reasonable facsimile of a flip turn. Success. More successful was the woman in the lane next to me who looked like a swimming automaton - she was highly educational to watch though, if not a bit awe inspiring.

Saturday lunch - went mountain biking with Leslie. This was my first time on my mountain bike in. . . about a year?? How'd that happen?? But we had a great time, and rode easy. I told Clark I think I was only really exerting myself for about 5 of the 60 minutes we were out there, but for those 5 minutes my heart rate was about 220. A bit hilly out there.

Saturday evening - nothing sports-ish. Went over to the farm and watered seedlings, then went and saw Duplicity with friends - for the record I thought it was good. I'm not understanding the completely tepid reviews I read of it. Clive Owen was at his most hot - even without a plot that would've been a good movie, and this movie even had a plot - what a bonus.

Sunday lunch - a neighbor and I drove to Lake Junaluska for the training run/ride of the Lake Junaluska Duathlon course. Was my first trial run on the achilles bursitis in a couple of weeks. Rather gingerly jogged around the 2.5 mile run loop, and it felt pretty good. Whew. Then we did the 18 mile bike loop - and here's the funny part, I'm pretty sure that's the furtherest I've ever ridden a bike. At least in recent memory. I've probably ridden my road bike less than 10 times total, and most of that has been commuting to the farm, so it was fun to actually ride around. Didn't feel bad at all - success.

Sunday late afternoon - family swim at the Y! Most fun I've ever had at family swim - and I'm pretty sure that's a direct correlation to the temperature of the warm pool. I don't mind cold water if I'm actually going to be swimming laps, but when you're just bobbing around playing with your kid, cold water is like the seventh level of hell. If hell was really cold. So the water was balmy, and we all practiced diving to the bottom, and Sam showed off his cannonball, and I showed off my newly acquired flip turn (Clark's commentary - "looks good... and, um, I'm sure it'll get smoother the more you do them." I love that man - what tact.) So a good time was had by all. And then instead of Amazing Race, Obama was on 60 Minutes, and I was reminded of what a relief it is to have a former Consitutional Law professor as our President. I thought I didn't pay any attention during Con Law, but apparently some of it seeped in by osmosis, because it turns out I can get pretty fired up when the Constitution is completely ignored. So yes, having a Con Law professor as the President definitely lowers my blood pressure a few notches.

And now it's Monday morning and I've *got* to finish my tax organization and get it all over to the accountant. But first I'm going to go move all of the seedlings back outside since it's supposed to stay above freezing for the foreseeable future.

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