Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's Pretend Like That Never Happened

 I had to actually look at the last post to remember what it was about.  That's a bad sign.  But you know what - I've decided to skip the part where I make up some far fetched excuse to explain my absence from bloggerdom.   Or start with a slightly embarassed, totally apologetic paragraph reasoning away my disappearance.  Instead - I'm just going to pretend like it never happened!  Cool, right?

So without further ado, and in response to the last sentence of the previous post ("a follow-up report will be forthcoming"), and totally ignoring the few months in between - here are the results from my silicone adventures!

I made molds.  I made lots of molds.  I was a little high on the new found ability.  Kind of like somebody who finds religion and can't stop talking about it.  Except I  found the silicone mold and couldn't stop making them.  And a lot of the molds really were cool.  I still think I'm going to produce some fabulous, wacky, funky resin jewelry at some point.  But you know what the best of the lot was?  The new bracelet mold.  Which is kind of funny because the one thing I already had that I kind of liked was a bracelet mold.  But this one is *better*.  Chunkier, cooler, funkier.  Plus I just like it better.  I think the finish is better, and it feels more substantial (probably because it is more substantial.)

Here are a few pics of the results:

And while I like the bracelets (and I really, really do like the bracelets), I at least as much (maybe more?) like the photos.  Because I've made a *lot* of crappy etsy photos.  Most of which are no longer around for you to gawk at, praise the lord.  But these I'm actually pretty happy with.  Turns out - after much angst, experimentation and curse words - what you really need is a very cheap camera from Amazon, and a light box.  Et voila.  Word to the wise though - be careful how you store the light box.  It apparently looks *just like* a brilliant cat bed.  And when you combine a black cat and a white light box - well, it's never easy is it?

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