Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Back in the Pool

So, I haven't been in a swimming pool in about two years. But today seemed like the perfect time. In other words, looking to change things up a little since I'm still resting the achilles. So I pulled out my copy of Total Immersion (great book for convincing the non-swimmer that they really can swim), read a few drills, found my swim cap (surprisingly easy), suit (surprisingly hard) and goggles (a little funky looking since Sam's been using them in swim class), and off I went to the Y. Overall had a great time - was a little better than I thought I'd be (somewhere between the college swimmer home on break on my one side, and the chunky fellow with the snorkel on my other). The drills were a little iffy since I couldn't decide if it was my achilles the fins were aggravating or my ankle - so I didn't do too many. In restrospect I'm pretty sure it was the ankle, which is no big deal, so I'm going to do the drills next time. At any rate, I was there for 30 minutes, so I'll count 3 miles. In other Y news, it was a contentious lot in the dressing room today. Women almost came to fisticuffs over whether to prop the door to the showers. Think that needed a reminder that it's - CHRISTMAS EVE! Merry Christmas!

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