Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh No We Didn't!

Except - oh yes we did! Dress up in full costume for the first time in about 15 years. (although we should probably only get partial credit since we found almost very bit of this stuff strewn about our living room since Sam has a major Star Wars fetish.)

But - dress up we did. Because we were going to a Halloween Party at a very cool new business in the River Arts District. It was purported to be a costume party, where "everyone" will be dressed up, and generally I never fall for that one. But this time we decided to suspend our disbelief and go ahead and dress up. And then we showed up and didn't see a single other person in costume. It was totally like this week's episode of Modern Family where Mitchell shows up for work in a Spider Man costume and discovers he's the only one. (Not that I'd ever watch such mindless entertainment of course.)

So anyway, we braved it out, and immediately latched onto the only other couple in costume (who actually turned out to be totally cool - mountain bikers!), and then we got some company with some other costumes.

So we had a great time, but our night wasn't over. Oh no. It was Leslie's birthday dinner, and we thought about going home to change, but it seemed like so much trouble. And for what, really? Just to keep every single person you see on the street for whipping around to stare at you?? Turns out we don't mind that so much, since we trooped straight into Limones in full costume.

Yep, Limones, one of the nicest restaurants downtown. Thank God it also happens to be owned by a lovely couple whose son is in Sam's class. So at least they didn't throw us out immediately (although it's entirely possible Amy wanted to.) Instead we had the singular sensation of every single person in the restaurant swinging around to stare at us when we walked in.

And to be honest - of course they did! Darth Vader, Princess Leia and a 50s Housewife just entered the building. But then the sensation died down a bit, and we enjoyed a couple of their gigantic Margaritas, and a good time was had by all.

Although I was approached by a couple of women wanting my secrets for creating Leia's buns. (Step 1 - grow an enormous amount of very thick hair. . . )


  1. yee haw.... 15 years? Look like old pro's and the life of any party.

  2. Fabulous costumes. We have done that dressing up thing before - as few who did at that particular event. Oh well, a sense of humor will get you through anything.