Monday, December 21, 2009

Let It Snow

Like the rest of the East Coast, we were buried in snow this weekend. I think it was 10" in my front yard - pretty unheard of around here. And the only reason I'm not boring you with the obligatory "Look at my child in the snow! And my cat in the snow! And my self in the snow!" pictures, is because I can't find the damn camera. That's right, biggest snow of the decade, and we have not one single picture to document it. I guess that's what memories are for.

We did have a pretty great weekend - our power went off on Friday, but our friend Leslie (who is basically the fourth member of our nuclear family - we've been friends since our first day of college, so 19 years later we're pretty well stuck together) - she only lives one block away, and her power was on! Hallelujah! So we descended on her, and I took over her recliner, laptop and remote control, and fun was had by all. Even by her, despite the three of us taking over her house - because as she has pointed out, it's kind of boring to be snowed in by yourself.

And on Saturday our power came back on - so the slumber party was over before it got old - and we had our Christmas party that night as scheduled. Except it turned into a walking party - if you can walk here, come to our party - and we ended up with 19 people here. Totally fun, had the best time, and had a bunch of people that we know but didn't know all that well - and it was great. Totally had a blast.

We managed to get out yesterday, and I promptly headed to the new CityMac store. I've had this big plan that I was going to upgrade the version of iLife I run on my iMac, and then update my website so it has a shopping cart [if you combine the new iLife with the paypal shopping cart function this is supposed to be fairly easily accomplished - as you'll see I can't vouch for that]. Actual ecommerce. Imagine that. Except when I started fooling it with it last week, I realized I can't upgrade iLife, because my sweet, sweet iMac that has served me so loyally is in fact not ready for the new iLife. And won't ever be. Bummer. So that got me started fantasizing about a new iMac.

Now there's really no way to justify buying a new computer to put a shopping cart on my site. Well, I suppose if you compared it to the cost of hiring a web developer/graphic designer to do it then there would be, but really I'd just cobble something together with one of the free shopping cart hosting sites. But once the seed was sowed. . . it kind of germinated. Because my iMac is a bit cranky about running video, and frankly getting a bit slow about lots of other things. And we went to CityMac, and the news ones are amaaaaaaazing. Like I've been driving a Honda and I got to test drive a Ferrari. So... I think we may take the plunge. I know, it's crazy. But also beauuuutiful. :)

The last thing of note - the snow day canceled out our last Holiday Market on Saturday, so I decided to move the market to our home studio. Here's the whole newsletter I sent out yesterday with the details, but basically just give me a call if you want to stop by and pick up a candle for your last minute gifts. We have a big selection of the beeswax botanicals in stock, as well as rolled beeswax tapers and holiday candles, and it's all 10% off this week.

Stay warm and have fun - I told Sam he better build a snowman, because he could be his 20s before we have this much snow again. He looked a little crestfallen. And I felt like the grinch - sometimes the truth doesn't set you free.

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