Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reality Sets In

Aha, the reality of having a successful empire has set in. It's 8:12 pm and I'm melting wax to pour some pillars. And anyone who knows me is saying "holy smokes, you're still awake??" Because I'm the person who tells everyone not to call me after 8 or risk hearing really foul language. Because in the morning I'm getting up at 5 to go swim, and I'm a person who really likes my sleep. As in, *really* likes my sleep. And gets a lot of it. So why am I waiting for wax to melt so I can pour candles? Because I'm a dumbass.

Yep, I said it. It's all my fault. SOS called yesterday and asked if I could make some plain pillars for a customer. NO problem, I say. I'm pouring candles tomorrow, I'll have them there on Thursday.

And sure enough, late this afternoon I really am making candles. And it's time to pour, and I think "wouldn't some square pillars look great? I'll make a bunch of those." And right after the wax has set, it hits me. Round, not square! I'm supposed to be making *round* candles tonight.

It's just that I'm not used to anyone actually requesting anything. They usually just buy (or not) whatever I've made. If this is what an empire is like, I've got to get with the program.

So while I know it's really not all that late, and in fact my friend Stephanie has probably not even awakened yet to begin her workday, I still can't believe I'm waiting for wax to melt. In short, building an empire and being a space cadet are a sticky combination.

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